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Mission Statement:  The mission of the Lake County Youth Mentor Program is connecting youth with caring adult mentors to enhance academic and personal achievement.  
Men and women of all ages, from all walks of life, to mentor Lake County youth, grades K-12.  All we ask is one hour a week for one year.

Skills needed: Patience, time, respect for youth, and a desire to help the youth in our community succeed, both academically and personally.

Do you remember a time when you needed an impartial adult to talk to, someone who would listen and help you make good choices?
A lot of youth in our community need someone to fill that role right now. They need an adult friend.
That’s where YOU come in.  You can help by becoming a youth mentor.  A small investment of your time can make a  major difference in a youth’s life.

Get involved TODAY!

2020 Corporate Sponsors

The Lake County Youth Mentor Program would like to thank the 2017 Corporate Business Sponsors:


Ace Hardware

Anderson Engineering & Surveying

Cornerstone Industrial Minerals

Dog Lake Construction

Pardue Construction

Les Schwab Tire

Mile High Tire

Lakeview Redi-Mix

Hunters Hot Springs

Tnet Internet

Max's Garage


Contact Information

Daphne Greer


Mentoring Information

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is simple, yet powerful. It’s about consistently showing up and  building a  relationship through shared experiences.  It’s about learning from one another, and increasing connections to school, family, and community.


Developing a mentoring relationship means being a positive role model and spending time together building trust and mutual respect.

Mentoring can take place between two people, within a small group of two or three people, or in large groups.


A strong connection between an adult and a youth can build confidence and encourage the youth to build  connections elsewhere – in school, at work, within the family, or in the community. These connections are vital to a young person’s  development and  success.


The ultimate goal is to encourage academic and personal success.  To reach that goal, the mentor will  focus on developing skills such as good boundaries, time management, improved study habits, strong communication, positive peer relationships, and respect for self and  others.


  • Funders

    Pacific Power

    April, 2017, the Friends of the Mentor Program /Lake County Youth Mentor Program received word from Pacific Power that they would be receiving funds for the 2017 year in the amount of $1,000 to support the program in Lakeview, Paisley and North Lake for at-risk youth grades K-12.  This is the first year the program has received funding from Pacific Power and very excited for this newly formed relationship.  Thank you Pacific Power!

    Oregon Community Foundation

    The Lake County Youth Mentor Program would like to thank the Oregon Community Foundation for their support over the past seven years.  As of May, 2017, the Oregon Community Foundation informed the Lake County Youth Mentor Program that we would be receiving a grant in the amount of $10,000.  The funds will be used for one year to support the mentoring for at-risk youth through one-on-one and team mentoring programs in Lake County.  The program is entirely funded by grants and fundraising so we are more than appreciative to the OCF board of directors for this opportunity to continue serving the youth in Lake County.  Thank you OCF!


    The Collins Foundation

    June, 2017, the Lake County Youth Mentor Program was granted $15,000 from the Collins Foundation.  This is the final payment of a $35,000 multi-year grant authorized by the Foundation on June 8, 2016.  The program is very excited to have had the opportunity to work with The Collins Foundation these past two years and look forward to the opportunity to work together again.  Thank you Collins Foundation!

Upcoming Personal Enrichment class

As of right now there are no Personal Enrichment classes scheduled.  If you or somebody you know would be interested in teaching a class send them our way!  Feel free to contact us at (541)947-4880.  Thank you! 

Personal Enrichment Registration Form

For any questions regarding classes don't hesitate to call LeAnn at (541)947-4880.  If you would like to drop off the registration and payment we're located at 357 North L Street, Lakeview, OR 97630

Team Mentoring

Team Mentoring in Lakeview: 

Hello Lakeview!  Team Mentoring nights are currently on the 3rd Thursday of the month! We have 3 left!! 4th- 6th grade,come join in on the fun!!!

If you have any questions call Briana at (541)947-4880.

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