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Lake County  ESD – helping schools help kids!
Message from Superintendent Bob Nash

As the 2015-16 school year begins, the Lake County ESD looks forward to new opportunities to work effectively with the five school districts of Lake County, and more importantly, help every student in Lake County be successful.  We are excited!  For the first time since 2003, the Oregon legislature has increased funding for small ESD’s which will help us provide more services to our school districts and their students.

This boost in revenue will allow us to increase our services to Lake County school districts including increased speech services, increased special education services, restoration of enrichment funds to schools, and increased autism resources. 

We are also excited to facilitate countywide professional development opportunities.  This year we have Marsha Moyer working with all our Lake County educators to improve classroom effectiveness.  Marsha is an Oregon expert on educational effectiveness and teacher evaluation.  All county educators met with Marsha in Paisley on August 31st and will meet with her again on October 23rd

The Lake County Education Service District assists the students and school districts of Lake County by providing equitable, high quality, cost-effective and locally responsive educational services.  Our mission is to respond to the educational needs of the five Lake County school districts.  The core services we provide are: special education services, school improvement services, technology support, and administrative support services. 

In addition, the Lake County ESD is continuing its efforts to provide students and staff of Lake County with many other services including school psychologist, library consulting, Response to Intervention, Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education, youth mentoring, business services, state work sample development, and counseling.

The hard-working and professional staff of the Lake County ESD is the key to our success.  Their dedication to the students of Lake County is what makes us successful.

My goals as superintendent of the Lake County ESD are to be responsive to the needs of the schools and students of Lake County, provide the highest quality services, and help all our students be successful.

Bob Nash
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Spotlight on Success

Marsha Moyer Works with Lake County Educators

On August 31, 2015 and October 23, 2015, educators from across Lake County met in Paisley to work with Marsha Moyer.  Marsha is a long-time Oregon teacher and administrator who now works as a consultant committed to improving teaching and learning in Oregon.  She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people.  Marsha used the new Oregon teacher evaluation system to illustrate effective teaching methods and how to engage all learners.    Her presentation was highly interactive, using videos of actual classrooms, demonstrations, discussion, and electronic “clickers” to have educators vote on how effective the examples were.  The session was very well received. 

A few of the comments from Lake County educators:

I am ready to go to class and engage my students.”
“It was helpful and motivating.”
“I like seeing the strategies at work.”
“I was able to view multiple teachers using varied strategies.  I was able to discuss with peers what was good and bad about the instruction.”
“Using examples from classrooms was great.  The visual of voting was great.”
“Great reinforcement of the good things we are doing.”
“Very informative.  The modeling of the strategies and techniques was great.”
“It was great to see actual teachers and score them.”
“She kept us very engaged-very fun!  October will be great!
“Lots of engagement and discussion to help with understanding.”
“Thought provoking.”
“Great presenter.  Best inservice I’ve been to.”
“Marsha rocks!”

Marsha will meet again with all Lake County educators on Friday, October 23.  Needless to say, we are really looking forward to it.

Thank you to the Chalkboard Project, for funding this presentation, Cec Amuchastegui our Chalkboard coach, and Marsha Moyer for this presentation.