Lake County ESD

Board of Directors
Meets 4th Wednesday of Month
exceptions are November, December and March


Lake County Education Service District (ESD) is governed by a seven member Board of Directors elected to four-year terms by regional citizens. Five of the board members are elected from zones and the remaining two are elected "at large" throughout the region.

This is a time of both challenge and opportunity for the Lake County ESD as we face a continued push to reorganize or merge at the legislative level.As a result, the ESD Board of Directors and leadership team are actively engaged in working with local districts to develop a restructuring plan designed to effectively serve the Lake County ESD, local districts and the students they serve.

Current Directors
Represents the geographical area of 9th Street and the railroad tracks north to Center St. and east to E Street and up Bullard Canyon.
Represents the geographical area of Precinct 2 – Summer Lake;  Precinct 3 – Paisley; Precinct 10 – Goose Lake: west of the lake to Klamath County line; north to just below Sycan River (includes Quartz Mt.);Precinct 12 – Thomas Creek  Precinct 18 – Valley Falls

Director Chiono has been a member of the Board of Directors since March, 1998 and a long standing member of the Paisley School District Board of Directors. He is a self-employed, small business owner in Summer Lake.  His wife Tule manages the local Post Office.  Their two children graduated from Paisley High School with honors and both are recipients of the Mark Hatfield Service Scholarship to Willamette University.
Represents the geographical area of 9th Street and the railroad tracks west to the Golf Course; and north to Missouri Avenue Road. Includes a section from Center St. and the railroad tracks east to E Street.
Represents the geographical area east of Summer Lake and north to Silver Lake, Christmas Valley, and Fort Rock. 

Clayton Sharp has lived and worked in Lake County for about 18 years.  He is married and has two children attending North Lake School.  Currently Clayton serves on the North Lake School and ESD boards as their chairman.  He strongly believes education is the foundation of our county.  “By serving on these two education boards I can help make a difference in kid’s lives.”

Represents the geographical area of Precinct 4 – Includes north of Missouri Ave. Rd to just below Valley Falls and east to Precinct 5; Precinct 5 – Plush: north and east to Harney County line Precinct 6 – Adel: south and east to Harney andWashoe County lines; Precinct 11 – Cogswell Creek: 9th Street south along east side of Goose Lake to Precinct 16; Precinct 16 – New Pine Creek 

Jim has been a resident of the Warner Valley for 30 years and an active member of the Adel School Board for 20, in addition to being a 4H leader and market committee member. Jim’s two children graduated from Lakeview High School and he is an advocate for children’s education.  “I strongly believe in a solid early education.  I also believe that education allows people to become productive members of society.  I want kids to be prepared and counseled about opportunities after high school, to go to trade/vocational school, college, or the military. I want kids in this county to understand their hard work will allow doors to open for them in the future.”

Stefani Roseberry is a native Oregonian and a graduate of Oregon public schools.  As a strong advocate for rural Oregon, she  believes that our small Lake County schools produce excellent citizens.  Stefani currently serves on the board of directors for both the Lake County ESD and Lake County School District #7. She and her husband are self-employed ranchers and all three of their children are (or soon will be) graduates of Lakeview High School.