Youth Experiencing Homelessness

If you and your family are:
  • Living with friends or family due to loss of housing or financial hardship
  • Living in a motel, vehicle, campground, or on the street due to a lack of alternative adequate accommodations
  • Living in an emergency shelter or transitional housing
  • Living in housing without electricity, running water, or other basic needs, or
  • A youth living in one of these situations without your parent or guardian
In addition to the family support services listed above, we can help you with:
  • Enroll in school immediately, even if you are missing documents normally required for enrollment (birth certificate, vaccine record, etc.)
  • Choosing between the local school where you are living or the school last attended before losing housing, when feasible
  • Receiving transportation to and from school, and school events
  • Enrolling automatically in the free lunch program