Local Service Plan
  • Local Service Plan
    The Lake County Education Service District has an ongoing commitment to the goal of providing the best possible service to the component districts of Lake County. We strive to support all students of Lake County, particularly those with special needs. This Local Service Plan is representative of this goal. The ESD staff are striving to work as efficiently as possible to maximize the use of state and local funds.

    The Lake County ESD’s four legislatively mandated areas include:
    1. Support for students with special needs
    2. Instructional and curriculum support
    3. Technology support
    4. Administrative and support services
    We continually reevaluate our services, programs and solicit input into how we can improve 
    what we do. The staff at Lake County ESD are second to none in dedication, excellence and 
    professionalism. We enjoy what we do and are committed to improvement.

  • 2022-23 Local Service Plan
  • 2021-22 Local Service Plan
  • 2019-20 Local Service Plan